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About Peterson Nykamp Law

Peterson Nykamp Law is a team of attorneys with the experience and understanding necessary to assist corporations and small businesses through complex legal and compliance requirements to achieve financial recovery and other legal solutions. Our strategies are tailored to the needs of our clients as we communicate openly and weigh the most efficient, reliable approach while maintaining quality, integrity, and diligent compliance throughout the process. Our services drive increased revenue for our clients by providing trusted asset recovery and legal business solutions.

Where We Practice

We represent clients in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Wyoming. Our physical offices are located in Salt Lake City, UT and Tukwila, WA.

Areas of Practice

Peterson Nykamp Law’s predominant area of practice is in Collections Law/Creditors’ Rights. Additionally, we serve individual and business clients in the areas of Business Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, and Personal Injury.

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Peterson Nykamp Law serves creditors and clients with knowledgeable and efficient legal solutions to achieve goals and produce results.


Our team of legal professionals will continue to leverage its combined skills and experience to solve problems and deliver top-quality legal services to our clients. We will hold ethics and the trust of our clients in the highest regard as we advocate responsibly and tenaciously for their interests and achieve measurable results.


We provide diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable legal services to help clients meet their goals and reach resolutions efficiently and effectively. We uphold the reputations of our clients and our firm by practicing integrity, open communication, fair practices, and thorough legwork in all that we do.

Professional Memberships

We are active members of the National Creditors Bar Association, an association dedicated to protecting the practice of creditors’ rights attorneys while ensuring fair treatment for all. As members, we strive to embody the NCBA Code of Conduct and its guidelines for professional responsibility and best practices. 

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Debt Collection Legal Team

Founding attorneys Lawrence R. Peterson and Bradley G. Nykamp have over 40 years of combined experience representing clients and creditors in the context of collection law, creditors rights, and civil litigation, having handled thousands of accounts and recovered millions of dollars over the years. Our growing team leverages its collective skills and experience to serve creditors as well as individuals and businesses in several areas of practice across the Western United States.

“Our law firm helps clients achieve goals through compliant and efficient legal solutions.”

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